Introducing the Mural Brigade, the Contemporary Mural Arts Festival at Mason, and our very own BIS student artist, Reed Griffith.

Introducing the Mural Brigade, the Contemporary Mural Arts Festival at Mason, and our very own BIS student artist, Reed Griffith.

The Mural Brigade came to Mason to bring large scale, high quality art to campus. We are a student organization that provides an opportunity for students to gain hireable skills and build a larger network in arts management and related fields while leaving a noticeable mark on campus. Our projects are multimedia and innovative: in addition to using traditional painted or printed media, murals may in the future take the form of window laminations, video projections, light or laser projections, or even plant material!


In April 2018, as a lead up to our opening, the Mural Brigade unveiled our first two murals of the festival. Professional New York artist MARICAMA designed a mural full of positive, spiritual imagery. Reed Griffith is a student of SIS who studies the intersection of technology and the arts. In conjunction with a faculty member from the School of Engineering, Ulrich Norbisrath, Reed designed, coded, and built an interactive LED board that examines digital. Photos are below.



We are getting close to fulfilling our grand vision for murals at Mason. The Contemporary Mural Arts Festival at Mason is the inaugural, biennial main event of the Mural Brigade. We’ve worked closely with the artists as they interpreted the Festival’s theme of WALLS. Their mural designs evoke portals, community, diversity, technological innovation, and spirituality. That being said, I invite you to visit and discover your own interpretations once the works are finished. Although our opening is in September, the four commissioned works will be around campus for at least six months. The event will be free and outdoors and feature live music, free food, interactive art activities, a guest panel, and opportunities to meet the artists.


Please join us on September 7th, from 3-7pm at the Skyline Pavilion on the Fairfax campus, for our opening, and please help us make this event possible with a donation as you’re able. There will be four murals celebrated with their artists at this free event, as well as live music and other performances. We will also have a variety of art-making activities and gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly food.

To contribute, you can give to Mason here. When prompted for a designation, select Other and leave the comment “Public Art Fund” in the box provided. The suggested donation is $50, but gifts of any size are greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about donating or if you would like to become more involved with the festival.

Thank you so much for your consideration. If only 100 people give, our fundraiser will be done today! Your gift will help inspire and brighten our community through the creation of dynamic and meaningful works of contemporary art. We can’t wait to see you on September 7th!


Yassmin Salem