Graduating the BIS Program

Due to COVID-19 the University has made the decision cancel the in-person ceremony schedule for May. Please click on the link below to learn more about the virtual recognition ceremony:

The University hopes to reschedule the in-person event for a later dates. Stay tuned!  


BIS GraduatesBIS Graduation Checklist

Using the Degree Evaluation on Patriot Web

BIS students may view their progress toward meeting graduation requirements by logging into Patriot Web and selecting:

    • Student Records
      • Degree Evaluation Menu
        • Degree Works (for students admitted before Fall 2012 select CAPP).  

The degree evaluation is a tracking tool that students and advisors use to determine how many credits have been earned toward the degree.  BIS students may also view their educational contract courses and concentration title on the degree evaluation.  Note: This is the only place to view the concentration title, which will not appear on the unofficial transcript until after graduation.

BIS students should review the degree evaluation upon entering BIS 300, upon notification that transfer credits have been processed, and every semester until the degree is completed.  

BIS students moving through classes at a rapid pace should be even more diligent about checking the details of the degree evaluation to make sure all requirements are met.  Ask questions early to avoid delays and problems.

Advising for Graduation

All BIS students should speak with an advisor at least once per semester, preferably before class registration opens.  This is a vital step toward using your course hours, money and time efficiently.  Meetings can be as quick as 15 minutes, depending on student needs and questions, so make time to meet and avoid course planning errors.  Appointments can be held over the telephone and in the office.

Students entering BIS 300, 390/391, 490 or 491 should meet with an advisor to request permission to enter the course and to make sure all programmatic paperwork is ready to go.

Review Process for Graduation

At Mason, students begin the graduation process by completing a graduation application as early as possible (see link below).  The Office of the Registrar will review all graduation applications and notify the BIS department and the student if a problem is found.

Common problems that delay graduation and cause last minute headaches:
  • Incomplete Educational Contracts - A frequent error which prevents a BIS student from passing the Registrar's inspection.  Generally, the BIS student has filed his/her contract and has an approved list of courses to complete but has taken courses not listed on the contract.  Make sure to follow protocol and make the changes to your contract official.  BIS can tell you how to do this!
  • Incomplete Mason Core/general education requirements - courses expected to transfer did not transfer and students did not follow up with BIS about the issue.
  •  Incomplete coursework - incomplete grades were issued but coursework was not completed.

Graduation applications open online very early:

Spring Graduation Application - opens in November, closes in February
Summer Graduation Application - opens in January, closes in July
Winter Graduation Application  - opens in June, closes in October

Once the online application closes, a paper form must be printed from the Registrar's Forms webpage.
This form requires the approval of your department.

BIS Graduation Review

BIS students may contact a BIS advisor or the BIS Graduation Coordinator for an update on thier graduation status at any time in the program.