BIS Program Forms and Instructions


Degree Forms

Each student in the BIS Program completes different forms at different stages of the program.

  • Complete the BIS Proposed Concentration form during BIS 300. This form is also known as the Salmon Sheet.
  • The BIS Educational Contract form must be approved by the BIS Director prior to taking BIS 390.
  • Use the BIS Contract Amendment Form when making title or course changes to an existing BIS Educational Contract.
  • Use the Pre-Approved Course Substitution Form when substituting a pre-approved alternate course on your BIS Educational Contract.
  • The BIS 489 (Directed Readings and Research) Permission to Register must be approved prior to the last day to drop without tuition liability in the semester you intend to register.
  • Use the Change of Faculty Mentor Form if you are changing your faculty mentor or if he/she is unable to continue as your mentor.

Honors Forms

Students wishing to apply to Honors in BIS (BIS 391) must complete two forms: the Honors in BIS Application and the Faculty Mentor Recommendation form.  Turn in both forms by the last day of classes in the semester prior to the semester you intend to take BIS 391.

Nomination Forms

Faculty mentors and students use nomination forms to submit formal nominations for the Faculty Mentor and Student Project awards. These awards are presented annually at the end of every spring semester. All nominations from the previous spring, summer and fall semesters are eligible for consideration (for example: in Spring 2011, all nominations from Spring 2010, Summer 2010 and Fall 2010 will be eligible for consideration).

  • Students may complete the Faculty Mentor Award form after he/she has successfully completed BIS 490 if he/she would like to nominate his/her mentor for the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award.
  • Faculty Mentors may complete the Student Project Award form after his/her student has completed BIS 490 if he/she feels the project should be considered for one of the Student Project Awards.