BIS in Individualized Study

Our graduates have gone on to become, among many other things:

  • teachers
  • human resources managers
  • translators and business writers
  • procurement specialists
  • CEOs and CIOs in business enterprises
  • founders of their own ventures
Heather Moss

Heather Moss, 2023

Heather considers her educational life a long and winding road, but she wouldn’t change it now because it brought her to the BIS program.

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Maria Rowena Sales Reuter

Maria Rowena Sales Reuter, 2023

BIS, Concentration in Childhood Studies

Hardworking and dedicated student is on track to be a teacher once she completes her accelerated bachelor/master's degree program.

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Constance Hall

Constance Hall, 2021

Bachelor's of Individualized Studies

A Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's student in special education who used her experience as a teacher's assistant in Fairfax County Public Schools to inform her capstone paper on how to develop social skills for children with autism for inclusion in school settings.

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Jane Hugar

Jane Hugar, 2020

Changing careers to pursue a new passion

Before attending George Mason, Jane worked as a Realtor and a Sales Representative in the high tech industry. Jane always dreamed of completing her degree and changing careers. By completing her degree Jane was able to pursue her passion of working with adult learners who long to finish their degree.

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Arwa Sawan

Arwa Sawan, 2017

2018 Distinguished Alumni - BIS

Sawan has over twelve years experience in journalism, film production and Arabic media. She is an activist for women’s rights and is a Professional member of “Women in Film & Video.” She has taught intensive Arabic media, films, conversational Arabic to American diplomats, State Department officials, and other government and non-government organizations.

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Dale Helm

Dale Helm, 2016

Continuing his education to further his career

Before attending George Mason, Helm worked as a logistics contractor at a science facility in the South Pole. That is when he decided to continue his studies in order to advance in his profession in logistics and supply chain management.

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Matthew Shultz

Matthew Shultz, 2016

2017 Fall Distinguished Alumni - Bachelor of Individualized Study

Matthew Shultz is an Information Security Specialist for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington, D.C.

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Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh, 2016

Discovering her passion for education

BIS student Susan Walsh returned to school after realizing she wanted to work with kids who have behavioral and emotional disabilities.

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Mark Friese

Mark Friese, 2015

2017 Spring Distinguished Alumni - Bachelor of Individualized Study

Since receiving his Bachelor of Individualized Study degree from Mason, Mark Friese has made a significant impact locally and nationally – serving the community of families that include members with special needs.

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Richard P. Peyton

Richard P. Peyton, 2014

Pursuing Masters in Public Health degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago

The BIS program structure was just what Richard needed to transition from Navy life to his passion for Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology as a MPH graduate student.

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Zainab Salbi

Zainab Salbi, 1996

Author, activist, speaker challenges winter Mason graduates

Zainab Salbi, BIS '96, who came to Mason as an Iranian immigrant, founded Women for Women International, a global relief organization, while still a student.

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Lynn Huggins

Lynn Huggins, 1992

Huggins has more than 20 years of experience designing and administering human resource initiatives for start-ups, mid-sized firms, and large organizations.

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Lisa M. Zuccari

Lisa M. Zuccari, 1989

2019 Distinguished Alumni - Bachelor of Individualized Study

Lisa Zuccari is a philanthropist focused on women in film and in education. She has produced short films and has served on film advisory boards and committees.

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