Previous Credits and Training

Are you curious to learn how many of your previous college credits will transfer to Mason and what resources are available to help ensure your success as a student? Mason has a number of tools to help you determine how much credit you will receive at Mason.


Our Online Adult Student Information Service (OASIS) serves as a one-stop-shop for all information relevant to completing an academic career. OASIS provides adult learners with a transfer credit search engine tool that allows students to determine how previous courses and training might apply at Mason.

Admissions Transfer Guide

The Admissions Transfer Matrix contains courses that have been evaluated to offer transfer equivalency at the University, including all courses from the Virginia Community College System.  Here, you can look up each of your community colleges courses one-by-one to see how they transfer to Mason.

VCCS Mason Core Equivalencies

If you are transferring to Mason from a VCCS school, you may find it helpful to determine which VCCS courses will fulfill Mason Core requirements.  The Center for Academic Advising, Recruitment, and Retention (CAART) maintains a Mason Core-VCCS Equivalency searchable table.

Your Academic Advisor

The BIS academic advisors are happy to assist prospective students with determining course equivalencies.  Contact your advisor for assistance.

Evaluation of Military Credit, Credit by Examination, and International Transfer Credit

Mason’s policies for these forms of credit can be viewed in the Transfer Credit Policy.

Transfer course equivalencies may change. The tools above should be used as general guidance, but all final determinations regarding transfer equivalencies will be made by Admissions when you are accepted to Mason.  Be sure to review Mason’s Transfer Credit Policy thoroughly.