Outstanding BIS Project in the Public Interest Individualized Study

This award honors a BIS student whose project has, or is likely to have, a significant impact on the university, region, state, or nation and benefit the public.

2021 Awardees

2017 Awardees

Marianne McKone

2016 Awardees

Jennifer Pocai

2015 Awardees

Laura McDonald

2014 Awardees

Charis Sherman

2013 Awardees

Christopher Fleshren

2012 Awardees

Laura Poisson

2011 Awardees

Pamela Martin

2010 Awardees

Dina Achtzener

2009 Awardees

Bryan Corle

2008 Awardees

Tracey Groves

2007 Awardees

Renee Brayley

2006 Awardees

Sandra Fraser

2005 Awardees

Ann Gerstenberger

2004 Awardees

Dianne Gittins

2003 Awardees

Anne Alston