Individualized Study
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

About the Program

Advance Professionally • Career Change • College Credit from Military Training • Personal Fulfillment • Graduate Studies Preparation

 Persistence and tenacity

The Bachelor of Individualized Study (BIS) program is Mason's adult degree completion program for adult learners.

Adult students enter this individualized study program for many different reasons. Some are pursuing the BIS degree as preparation for graduate and professional programs. Others see the BIS degree as a gateway for professional advancement or career change. Still others want to complete an undergraduate degree through BIS primarily for personal satisfaction. Some distinctive features of the BIS degree include the following:

  • The concentration is an interdisciplinary grouping of courses which does not duplicate a traditional major offered by Mason.
  • The BIS program has a generous acceptance policy for nontraditional transfer credit from other institutions.
  • Because college-level learning may be acquired through varied professional, service, and personal experiences, the BIS degree provides mechanisms to translate experiential learning into academic credit.

Prospective students considering the BIS program may have ACE credit from government and military training that will transfer to BIS, or they may have professional work experience that will translate to portfolio credit that will transfer to BIS.

Admission to the BIS program is contingent upon admission to the university as an undergraduate transfer student.

BIS by the numbers:

  • 41 years old is the average age of BIS students

  • 3.195 is the average GPA of BIS students

  • 71 is the average number of transfer credits accepted toward graduation

  • 100% of BIS students learn research skills as part of their degree

  • 76% of BIS graduates report that their degree has advanced their career

  • 86% of BIS graduates report that their degree prepared them very well for further study

  • 79% of BIS graduates would recommend the BIS program to others

  • 35% of BIS graduates pursue further education after their BIS degree

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