BIS in Individualized Study

Carl Willis, 2020

Carl Willis

I chose the BIS program at George Mason University mainly because it was the best fit for me. The program offered me the knowledge and skills relative to my future public service career/political office at the state level. It also provided me with the research and analysis tools that are critical for public service.

I am so thankful for the Office of Military Services for directing me to the program and for the support I received from my advisors and instructors with the BIS program. They kept me inspired when things were hard, and I almost quit. I cannot recommend this program more highly! Make an appointment with a BIS Academic Advisor immediately. The direction that you get from them will save you the headache of taking courses that you do not need. I am proud to say with their support, I made the Dean’s List and am now pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration. This program may just change your life as it did mine.