Degree Options

Bachelor of Individualized Study

Mason's Bachelor of Individualized Study (BIS) program is a degree completion program for adult learners. The program combines an interdisciplinary academic framework and a writing-intensive, research-based curriculum to provide students with individualized degree plans.

Our students can choose from the following:

Build on Your Accomplishments

In the BIS Program you will build on what you have already accomplished. BIS advisors can show you how you can build on your existing credits and experience.

Recognizing that college-level learning may be acquired through varied professional, military, and personal experience, the BIS program provides mechanisms for translating experiential learning into academic credit. 

In addition, many of our BIS students have completed some college work already. Many of our newly admitted students come to us with around 60-70 credits already completed.

We invite you to explore your transfer options in the BIS program.  And then either attend a virtual, live information session, or reach out directly to us at to have your questions answered.