Individualized Study
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Applying to BIS

Prospective students that are ready to apply to the BIS program should follow these steps.

Attend a BIS Information Session

  1. Students interested in the BIS Program must attend attend an information session prior to meeting with an academic advisor. You may attend an information session before applying to Mason, however, your BIS application will only be considered after admission to the university.

Meet with an Academic Advisor

  1. After attending an information session, please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your academic interests and goals with one of our academic advisors.

Submit a George Mason University Application

  1. Follow the instructions contained in the Undergraduate Transfer Admission Application (below). You must enter "Individualized Study" as your academic program or major of interest on the application.
  2. Submit your application by the deadlines listed on the Admissions website.
  3. Forward any official transcripts to the Office of Admissions as stated in the application. DO NOT forward transcripts to the BIS office as this will delay the university review of your application and an admission decision.

Submit a BIS Program Application

  1. Submit a BIS program application (below) as soon as you have submitted your Mason application.  Once you have been admitted to the university, your application to the BIS program can be considered for acceptance.
  2. Submit the application via email, fax, or regular mail to the BIS office.
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