Current or Returning Mason Students: Options for Degree Completion

Terminated or at-risk Advising

Finish your degree at Mason by returning or changing majors.

Students who have stopped out of Mason and return to the university, as well as enrolled students who are undeclared that meet the BIS age criteria, can complete a BIS degree. Best of all, students changing majors do not lose credits as the structure of BIS allows weaving prior coursework into your individually designed degree plan. If you are transferring from another major, contact the department at and ask for an appointment to talk with an advisor. Students who have not been enrolled at Mason for three years must reapply through admissions. BIS and Integrative Studies are two examples of how George Mason is focused on degree completion.

 Individualized Studies, BIS

The program combines an interdisciplinary academic framework and a writing-intensive, research-based curriculum to provide students with individualized degree plans. The BIS Program offers students comprehensive support services, course flexibility, and generous transfer credit options.  Students create interdisciplinary concentrations to meet their own educational needs in order to advance in their current employment, to prepare for graduate or professional programs, or to plan a path toward a career change.

Eligibility requirements specific to the BIS Program include:

  • Age 22 years or older
  • Prior accumulation of at least 12 semester hours of transferable college credit
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or greater in previous higher education coursework

Good fit: Adult students who wish to advance in their current employment, to prepare for graduate or professional programs, or to plan a path toward a career change.

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Integrative Studies, BA & BS

Integrative studies encourages students to take charge of their learning, explore new ideas, work with peers and collaborate with faculty. SIS students seek to make change within their local, regional and global communities. Graduates will enter the workforce able to communicate across disciplines to find ethical, actionable solutions to the world’s challenges.

  •  Minimally requires 30 credits of integrative studies coursework, which can include internship, study abroad,   volunteer, research and other experiential opportunities.
  •  Courses: Small discussion-based seminars, reading/writing focused
  • Individualized concentration option – can incorporate ~12 credits of previous interdisciplinary coursework into concentration. Explore with an SIS academic advisor.

To Schedule an Advising Appointment with Integrative studies:

Go to SIS Advising Services  OR call 703-993-1436

Discover how a Bachelor's of Individualized Study (BIS) or Integrative Studies BA or BS degree can help you reach your professional and personal goals by contacting us.