Individualized Study
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BIS in Individualized Study

Our graduates have gone on to become, among many other things:

  • teachers
  • human resources managers
  • translators and business writers
  • procurement specialists
  • CEOs and CIOs in business enterprises
  • founders of their own ventures
Dale Helm

Dale Helm, 2016

Continuing his education to further his career

Before attending George Mason, Helm worked as a logistics contractor at a science facility in the South Pole. That is when he decided to continue his studies in order to advance in his profession in logistics and supply chain management.

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Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh, 2016

Discovering her passion for education

BIS student Susan Walsh returned to school after realizing she wanted to work with kids who have behavioral and emotional disabilities.

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Richard P. Peyton

Richard P. Peyton, 2014

Pursuing Master in Public Health degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago

The BIS program structure was just what Richard needed to transition from Navy life to his passion for Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology as a MPH graduate student.

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Jack Turner

Jack Turner, 2009

  • Worked as a massage therapist for 20+ years
  • Concentrated in health communications studies
  • Earned a master's degree
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Wa Tim Ngo

Wa Tim Ngo, 2005

  • Came to the US as a refugee from Vietnam
  • Completed a concentration in automotive technology management
  • Works as a flight attendant with United Airlines
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Leb Pittman

Leb Pittman, 2004

  • Completed a concentration in international political history
  • Received a master's degree in European history
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Martina Cotton

Martina Cotton, 2002

  • Concentrated in legal studies
  • Graduated from Mason's law school in 2007
  • Works as an attorney in Washington, DC
Zainab Salbi

Zainab Salbi, 1996

  • Concentrated in women's studies and sociology
  • Founder of Women for Women International, a nonprofit helping women survivors of war and civil unrest
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