BIS in Individualized Study

Heather Moss, 2023

Heather Moss

Heather considers her educational life a long and winding road, but she wouldn’t change it now because it brought her to the BIS program. She started her journey in higher education at a different university in Virginia as an elementary education major. Before completing that degree, she returned back to the Fairfax area and began working at GMU in the Communications and Marketing Department. Her position entailed working with registered student organizations on campus. After 7 years in that position, she moved into conference management within the same office. What she loves most about working at Mason is the diverse group of people that she interacts with daily.

Heather had a unique path to the BIS program, her dad graduated from the BIS program in 2006. She had no idea at that time that her life would also lead her to in her words, “ this amazing program.” It was now her turn after spending about 8 years away from school, she was ready to jump back in, and after one phone call with Dr. Kurt Lazaroff she knew that BIS was the place for her. Her first semester was the fall of 2020, she began her course of study by taking BIS 300 and 301. BIS 300 helped her regain her skills in research and writing and 301 helped her to envision her degree plan. She believes those two classes were crucial in setting her up for success as an adult returning student and the upper level coursework she will be tackling soon. Heather is pursuing her BIS in Educational Communication and is looking forward to more years of education, work and community here at Mason!