Individualized Study
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

BIS 490: RS: Senior Project

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Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Project or thesis on a topic directly relevant to student's concentration. Guided by student's faculty advisor and 490 instructor. Notes: Open only to BIS majors. Individualized sections for BIS honors. Capstone course in BIS core concentration. Research proposals must be approved by faculty mentor, executive committee, and BIS director prior to enrollment. May not be repeated for credit.
Mason Core: Synthesis
Specialized Designation: Research/Scholarship Intensive
Recommended Prerequisite: BIS 390.
Recommended Corequisite: BIS 491.
Registration Restrictions:

Enrollment limited to students in the BIS Individualized Study program.

Schedule Type: Independent Study

2 Sections Currently Scheduled for Fall 2017

From the Schedule of Classes

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