Hideko Hamada Bassett

Hideko Hamada Bassett

Hideko Hamada Bassett

Assistant Professor

Social & Emotional Development; Emotion Socialization; School Readiness

Dr. Hideko Hamada Bassett is an Assistant Professor in the School of Integrative Studies, where she teaches courses on child development and socialization, family processes, and interdisciplinary studies. She also serves as an academic advisor.

Selected Publications

Bassett, H. H., Denham, S. A., Mohtasham, M., & Austin, N. (2020) Psychometric Properties of the Book Readings for An Affective Classroom Education (BRACE) Coding System. Reading Psychology, 41, 322-346, DOI: 10.1080/02702711.2020.1768980

Garner, P. W., Dunsmore, J. C., & Bassett, H. H. (2020). Direct and indirect pathways to early school adjustment: Roles of young children’s mental representations and peer victimization. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 51, 100-109, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecresq.2019.09.001.

Poulou, M. S., Bassett, H. H., & Denham, S. A. (2018) Teachers’ Perceptions of Emotional Intelligence and Social-Emotional Learning: Students’ Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties in U.S. and Greek Preschool Classrooms. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 32, 363-377, DOI: 10.1080/02568543.2018.1464980

Bassett, H. H., Denham, S. A., Fettig, N. B., Curby, T. W., Mohtasham, M. & Austin, N. (2017). Temperament in the classroom: Children low in surgency are more sensitive to the teachers’ reactions to emotions. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 41, 4-14, https://doi.org/10.1177/0165025416644077.

Bassett, H. H., Denham, S. A. Wyatt, T., & Warren-Khot, H. K. (2012). Refining the Preschool Self-Regulation Assessment (PSRA) for use in preschool classrooms. Infant and Child Development, 21, 596-616.

Bassett, H. H., Denham, S. A., Mincic, M. M., & Graling, K. (2012). The structure of preschoolers' emotion knowledge: Model equivalence and validity using an SEM approach. Early Education and Development, 23, 259-279.

Denham, S. A., Bassett, H. H., & Wyatt, T. (2010). Gender differences in the socialization of preschoolers' emotional competence. In A. K. Root & S. A. Denham (eds.), The role of parent and child gender in the socialization of emotional competence. New Directions in Child Development. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Denham, S. A., Caal, S., Bassett, H. H., Benga, O, & Geangu, E. (2004). Listening to parents: Cultural variations in the meaning of emotions and emotion socialization. Cognitie Creier Comportament, 8, 321-350.


Ph.D., Applied Developmental Psychology, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.

M.S., in General Psychology, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN.

B.A., in English, Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka, Japan.