Faculty Mentor Qualifications, Roles, and Responsibilities

The primary role of the BIS faculty mentor is to provide academic guidance to BIS students as they create their BIS concentration and in the design and implementation of the BIS 490 senior project. The BIS faculty mentor may also assist students in ways advisors generally assist students (e.g., give general guidance in academic matters; refer students to appropriate university services; discuss post-baccalaureate opportunities).


All must meet the following requirements to be qualified to participate as a BIS faculty mentor:

  • Current full-time or adjunct Mason faculty member (research, teaching, or administrative)
  • Hold a Master's degree or above
  • Have relevant expertise and appropriate academic credentials (or significant professional experience) relative to the student's concentration

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Assist students in developing the concentration and endorse the BIS contract
  • Review amendments to the concentration
  • Assist students in developing the BIS 490 proposal (during the student's enrollment in BIS 390)
  • Provide advice and edits on the student's BIS 490 project
  • Assist students in developing the proposal for BIS 489: Directed Readings & Research; evaluate BIS 489 (Optional)

Mentor Opportunities and Rewards

  • Work with students in an area of scholarly interest
  • Work individually with enthusiastic, motivated, energetic, and mature students
  • Receive a stipend for each advisee who completes the BIS 490 project