BIS in Individualized Study

Sven Jansen, 2022

Sven Jansen

Sven Jansen grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and experienced the end of Apartheid while in his youth. His family believed in activism and placed a high priority on education. Sven spent many years formulating his professional pathway but did not feel that it had come together until he found the BIS Program. The benefit he received from enrolling in BIS 301 was life changing. It gave him time to really home in on what is was that he really wanted to pursue in his degree and for his life. 

Having grown up in a place that was essentially a nature reserve he had a natural interest in the environment. At GMU he discovered that he could follow his passion and began a course of study devoted to the environment and sustainable development. He was selected to be an intern at the GMU Greenhouse, and which lead to a current position at an organic farm. He will graduate in 2021 and will take his passion for the environment  into a career that teaches others how to grow food sustainably.