BIS 390

BIS 390 Basic Course Information:

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the research process and to give you experience with that process. The course also serves as a vehicle for you to begin to pursue your own research project. Your overall assignment will be to demonstrate mastery of the various components of the research process via various assignments that you will work on throughout the term. Your grade will be based on the thoroughness with which you prepare each assignment and document your work as well as your contributions to class discussions and engagement in the exploratory research process. The success of this course depends greatly on how well you prepare for and participate in each class discussion. It is recommended that you take this course at least two semesters prior to the term in which you plan to complete your thesis or project. BIS 390 requires that you have (1) a faculty adviser for your BIS 490 thesis/project, and (2) a BIS education contract approved by both your adviser and the BIS director, and 3) taken and passed English 302.