BIS 489

BIS 489 Directed Readings/Research:

This is an individualized course of readings or research that may be done by the BIS student under the direction of the BIS faculty advisor or approved GMU faculty member.  Students may register for 1, 2, or 3 semester hours.  BIS 489 can be repeated one time. 

BIS 489 explores a subject that is not available in the regular university course offerings.  It may be taken as part of the student’s BIS concentration, or in preparation for BIS 490 (the final project).  However, it may not replace the research component of BIS 490.

This is an Individualized Section and does not take place as a classroom course.

BIS 489 individualized section requests must be submitted to the BIS office well before the final day to add a class.  The BIS review and approval process can generally be completed in one week.  We recommend that students request the permission forms from our office, consult with their faculty advisors, and return all necessary forms to our office as early as possible.