Terms to Remember

BIS Academic Advisors: These are your academic counselors within the BIS Program and they are responsible for answering your questions related to your specific scholastic interests and academic requirements.

BIS Liaison: This is a single point of contact within many academic departments to aid you in finding a faculty mentor. If you already approached a faculty member to be an mentor and they have agreed, you do not need to contact the liaison.

Faculty Mentor: This is a part/full-time faculty member who is a content expert in at least one of the disciplines you want to focus on.  They will aid you in developing your educational contract and grade your BIS 490 Final Project.

Proposed Concentration: This is a form that lists out the courses you are proposing as your Core Concentration. This list is supported by the rationale that you will develop during the course of BIS 300.

Educational Contract: This is the listing of courses that comprise your "major." This is developed from the proposed concentration that you create in BIS 300 and with the help of your Faculty mentor. You must list alternate courses, however it is possible to make contract amendments once the contract has been approved.