Course Planning

Because the BIS Program is individualized, the semesters in which you take the following courses may vary. This is a very general outline to guide you through the program. Please keep in touch with your BIS academic advisor to ensure that you are meeting all necessary requirements.

  • Enroll in BIS 300.  The major outcome of BIS 300 is the rationale that supports the course listing of your Proposed Concentration. The second-tier evaluation of your credits is also done during this time period.
  • Check your records through Patriot Web!  It is your responsibility to check your records and ensure that you are meeting the requirements necessary for your degree. If you have questions, please contact a BIS advisor.
  • Submit a Proposed Concentration to the BIS department for review/approval.  This form can be picked up in the BIS office. ** Please Note: This is NOT an educational contract.  A proposed concentration, if approved, may be used as an example of a concentration that would meet the technical requirements of the BIS degree.  Your faculty mentor retains primary responsibility for approving the academic content that will be included in your official educational contract.
  • Identify a Faculty mentor.  If you do not have a Faculty mentor already selected, contact the BIS Liaison of the appropriate department for assistance.
  • Submit an Educational Contract with rationale statement for review/approval.  After your contract has been approved, the Records Specialist will update your degree evaluation in PatriotWeb so that you can monitor your own academic progress and outstanding requirements.
  • Enroll in BIS 390.  All students must have a faculty mentor AND approved contract before continuing to BIS 390.
  • Be ahead of the game!  As you approach graduation, remember to contact the Records Specialist for a full credit review in the semester BEFORE you plan to graduate. At this time, you should draw up a plan to complete outstanding requirements.
  • Check your records through Patriot Web!
  • Enroll in BIS 490 and BIS 491.  These courses are co-requisites and must be taken together in the same semester.
  • Follow the Graduation Process through the Registrar's Office in the semester prior to when you expect to graduate (i.e. if you expect to graduate in the Spring, then you submit your intent in the Fall).  This is a Registrar's office requirement.  If not completed in the semester prior to your intended graduation your degree will not be conferred.
  • Graduation!  Attend CHSS Convocation and the GMU Commencement ceremonies. For more information, please visit the Office of Events Management website.